Five star ratings

Wonderful Experience

Gibson counseling has been a warm, comfortable environment. I couldn't be happier with my experience.

Lauren S. on Rate a Biz

A very comfortable, friendly and professional atmosphere.

Counseling was never at the top of my list for handling relationships, hardships, past issues etc. But the experience that my daughter and even myself has been life changing. Incredible! We have been blessed!

Tina J on Rate a Biz

Kind and Amazing

(My therapist) is kind and amazing. It is great having access to a great Christian counselor. It is easy talking with her.

Amber N on Rate a Biz

Truly an impartial professional

(Our therapist) is truly an impartial professional who treats both sides with respect. She is always willing to listen yet asks difficult questions that must be discussed and answered to mend a relationship. The materials and "homework" that she provides reinforce the discussion sessions and gives you tools to successfully handle problems when the surface. Her faith based approach leads to forgiveness, the main ingredient to reconciling a marriage.

Michael M on Rate a Biz

Great counselor!!!!

I call (my therapist) my life coach. She gives me "homework" to work on between visits and holds me accountable. She knows her stuff!!

Brenda T on Rate a Biz